I broke my hand and had to have surgery. They put in a plate with four screws. I began physical therapy right away but I was having very few results. I was not able to close my hand all the way and my range of motion was horrible. I was worried I would not regain full use of my hand. When I switched doctors and was referred to James it took only one session to restore my ability to close my hand all the way.  In a matter of weeks my range of motion was almost back to normal. I wish I had gone to him from the start. Thank you, James.

– Justin A.


SEH (Shoulder Elbow Hand) Therapy Specialist, James Puett, is the best of the best. I crushed my arm and a physician inserted cadaver bones to adhere a plate with screws. I experienced, unsuccessfully, many, many months of physical therapy at two clinics in The Woodlands.  I then wanted to work with the best hand therapist so finally located therapist, James Puett, Director/owner, and had amazing results.  He did wonders for me and I’ve gained full range of motion in my hand. He is excellent at range of motion, flexibility and explaining results in lay terms that can be understood. He is very professional with a friendly personality and makes patients feel comfortable. He explained exercises for me to do and the reasons why they were necessary. He pushed hard for me to get back to normal which was accomplished in a very short time.  It was a joy visiting his clinic as he is friendly and he performs the therapy. His staff is helpful and kind also.

– Stella E.


I had shoulder surgery in October and was sent for physical therapy for my frozen shoulder. After 6 weeks of therapy there was little improvement. I was then referred to James Puett. James identified the problem immediately and after just a few weeks of therapy had my full range of motion back!

– Trey B.


I broke the main bone in my arm (really I shattered it) August of 2011 and did major damage to my shoulder.  I had to have 1 operation on my arm and 2 on my shoulder. I had been going to another rehabilitation facility from September to March (about 6 months) and could not get my arm above my head.  Then my doctor changed me and I started going to see James who was able to restore my range of motion to 100 percent.  I would recommend him to everyone he is the best.

– Eva W.


I was in involved in a major motorcycle incident in late 2011, and required metal applications to my arm and wrist.  A family friend recommended him and I have never once regretted the decision. Just over a month of therapy sessions allowed me to regain full movement in my arm, wrist, and hand. I was back to full time motorcycle riding a month and a half later, and I still continue to ride with no issue to this day.

– Willie H.


James Puett, OT, has my highest recommendation for anyone in need of therapy on the shoulder, arm, or hand.  I had surgery on both shoulders, for torn rotator cuffs.  One of James’s signature techniques, of allowing the muscle to relax in the stretched position, allowed me to get back in action quickly.  I teach mixed martial arts and kickboxing part-time, and recommend James to anyone to get back their active life, at any age. 

– Will H.


I needed hand therapy after having surgery to reattach two extensor tendons in the zone five knuckle of my hand. My surgeon had immobilized my hand for about a month after the surgery. When I first started trying to use my hand again I couldn’t even grasp a large drinking cup. My surgeon sent me to James Puett for my hand therapy. When I first started my hand therapy, I was really worried I wouldn’t recover well. To my surprise I started getting use of my hand back fairly fast. James was a really cool dude, he even taught me some exercises I could do at home to improve my recovery time. I ended up getting full use of my hand back. Today the hand I had injured works just as well as my other hand. I’m very grateful to have my hand back to normal and would strongly recommend James Puett to anyone needing hand therapy.

 -Austin C.


I highly recommend James Puett, OT.  He is professional and friendly.  James performed the therapy after each of my four shoulder surgeries, for severed rotator cuff muscles.  He also did fantastic work after my son’s shoulder injury.  I recommend James to anyone in need of therapy.

– Elsie H.



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